The Simple Solution for Downspout Black Ice.

Black Ice Diminished.

Change in winter temperatures can produce slick spots of black ice near downspouts, creating the risk of serious slip and fall injuries. The black ice that forms can be nearly invisible, making it even more hazardous. Slick Shield is the remedy.

Your Shield from Expensive Claims.

Slick Shield minimizes the risk of black ice formation and slip and fall accidents caused by downspout black ice. The patent pending design attaches to downspouts and catches water. Slick Shield filters water through a series of salt-filled baffles before it flows onto the pavement as brine (a mixture with a freezing point of about 5°F). Your risk of hazardous black ice is mitigated.

Slick Shield is Patented

Slick Shield applied for and received Patent No. 8920071 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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