About HMI

Hazard Mitigation Incorporated (HMI) is an Iowa based company which works to develop risk management solutions and products to protect property owners from costly litigation.

Darin Luneckas, Founder and CEO of HMI Inventor and successful litigator, Luneckas’ work and research in personal injury cases lead to the creation of Slick Shield™, a downspout filter.

Jim Willis, Chief Operations Officer Sales and management expert in the insurance industry. Willis has over a decade of success in sales and staff management.

Andy Messenger, Chief Strategy Officer Program Director for Pearson, experienced in assessment and the financial industry. Messenger has an MBA as well as Undergraduate degrees in Finance and Accounting.

Lezli Broomhall, Marketing and PR Consultant Messaging professional with a strong media background, Broomhall has created winning marketing and public relations plans for over 15 years.

Slip and Fall Prevention

Slick Shield Origins


The inspiration and development of Slick Shield stems from a common winter hazard found around exposed downspouts: black ice. After representing a woman who slipped and suffered injuries at a gas station, inventor of Slick Shield and founder of HMI, Darin Luneckas, developed a solution to the problem.

In discussions with gas station owners, Luneckas found that this issue was not an isolated problem. He started work to produce a solution to prevent slip and fall accidents and protect property owners from costly lawsuits. A win-win for everyone.

Once conceptualized, prototypes were produced, tested and fine-tuned while research continued. The final solution is an attachable box lined with baffles and filled with rock salt that greatly reduces black ice formations around downspouts.

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