Black ice is a major problem for property owners.

It’s Inevitable.

Snow falls and collects on roofs and canopies. When it melts, water trickles through gutters and downspouts onto pavement. Temperatures drop and the black ice that forms creates a dangerous and virtually invisible slipping hazard.


It’s Common.

Winter weather produces hundreds of thousands of situations which property owners know or should know that black ice will form and create a serious risk of broken bones – even traumatic brain injuries – to unsuspecting pedestrians. Property owners can’t prevent melt – but with Slick Shield™, they can now prevent the refreeze of that water. Research shows black ice risk occurs an average of 23 times every single year.

black ice caused by draining downspouts


It’s Expensive.

According to the National Safety Council, slip and fall accidents cost the U.S. Economy approximately $60 billion each year through medical expenses, missed work and similar losses. The average cost of a slip and fall accident is $31,000. Fall accidents account for an average of over one hundred million (104,000,000) lost days from work each year.

Personal Injury Claim


Slick Shield Works.

Hazard Mitigation Inc. has created the best approach to proactively address the black ice problem: Slick Shield. The product forces melted snow and ice through a closed system of baffles and rock salt – creating saline (salt—water) which has a substantially lower freezing point. The saline simply evaporates or trickles harmlessly into a drain. With Slick Shield, property owners can avoid financial and legal risks associated with downspout black ice and the associated dangers to their workforce and their customers.

Slick Shield, ice melting solution


It’s Easy.

With Slick Shield and an inexpensive supply of rock salt, property owners can avoid black ice formation in high-traffic areas. Attach the device to downspouts during winter months, keep them filled with rock salt, and rest assured. When a slow melt occurs and the temperature drops to 32°F the risk is mitigated. Guests and customers are safe from the dangers of downspout black ice formation. Learn More >

Slick Shield closeup of salt and baffles.
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