Business Tips: Preventing Slips and Falls

Slip and Fall Prevention

Reason why it’s important as a business to prevent slips and falls?

Slips and falls are constantly a concern for businesses. Each year it cost businesses billions of dollars each year in medical costs, fines for accidents that can be prevented, lawsuits and legal fees. According to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), slips and falls is one of the most costly occupational injury that can be prevented and if your business isn’t taking any measures in preventing these accidents, your costs can add up quickly.

When it comes to slips and falls, you can’t prevent all accidents. But with the proper plan and execution you can minimize the danger. Here are helpful tips in creating a safe environment in preventing slips and falls.

Good Housekeeping

When it comes to good housekeeping it is critical in order to prevent slips and falls. Good Housekeeping will help reduce debris and wet/slippery floors in high traffic areas. If your facility doesn’t have good housekeeping, it can result in higher incidence rate in slips and falls.

Good housekeeping includes:

  • Creating a plan: establish routine housekeeping procedures
  • Plan ahead: know what role everyone can play
  • Expect the unexpected: make sure you’re prepared to immediately mop up spills and wet areas
  • Clearly mark spills and wet areas
  • Keep debris clear off floors and walkways

Reduce Slippery Surfaces from Ice and Snow

During the cold months, the weather is hard to predict. It is important that you plan ahead for snow and icy days. This would include if you need to purchase the right equipment or to contract these services out to the right snow removal contractor. Planning for bad weather will help you minimizing accidents and injuries.

When it comes to snow and ice it is important to concentrate on high traffic areas such as:

  • Parking lots
  • Ramps
  • Stairs
  • Walkways and sidewalks


Be aware of black ice. The changing temperatures during the winter months can produce many slippery spots near downspouts, increasing the risk of slips and falls. Business owners should pay close attention to downspouts coming from gutters on their roofs and canopies. Snow from these structures will melt and refreeze into a clear ice patch known as black ice. This nearly invisible dangerous ice can pose serious liability issues. Prevention options for black ice has been investigated at Slick Shield.

Slick Shield, A Simple Risk Management Solution

To learn more about a product to eliminate black ice visit Slick Shield.

Maintain Proper Lighting

Improper lighting can increase accidents. With proper lighting at the right locations such as ramps, walkways, stairs, hallways, entryways, work areas, and parking lots will help reduce slips and falls. It is important to keep lighting properly maintained and repaired immediately.

Maintain the Right Amount of Liability Coverage

Unfortunately all slips and falls can’t be prevented. This is why it is so important you need to protect your business with the right amount of liability coverage. Contact your local insurance agent if you have questions about your liability coverage.


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