Commercial Downspout and Drainage Solutions

Winter weather. The challenges are never ending. As snow falls, it collects on roofs and canopies. When the snow melts, water trickles through gutters and downspouts onto pavement. Temperatures drop. The black ice that forms creates a dangerous and virtually invisible slipping hazard.

Slip and falls are the number one cause of accidental injury in the U.S. at an average of nearly 10 million injuries reported each year. These situations aren’t just dangerous – they’re expensive.

Slip and fall accidents cost the U.S. economy approximately 60 billion annually through medical expenses, missed work and similar losses. That’s 60 billion.

The danger is real – and black ice is a major problem for property owners, insurance companies, and risk managers. But it doesn’t have to be. Slick Shield is the simple solution for downspout black ice.

Slick Shield forces melted snow and ice through a closed system of baffles and rock salt, creating a brine. The lower freezing point allows melt water in pedestrian areas to safely evaporate or trickle harmlessly into a drain.

It’s that easy – and there’s no need to spend extra money and time applying expensive ice melt products. With Slick Shield, property owners can avoid serious financial and legal risks. Owners can also rest assured that their workers, guests and customers are safe from the associated dangers of downspout black ice formation. It’s safety made simple.

Get ahead of the problem. Protect your workers… your customers… and protect your bottom line.

Slick Shield. The simple solution for downspout black ice.

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