Slick Shield™ Downspout Extension


Property owners know winter weather creates hundreds of thousands of situations when black ice forms and creates serious risk of broken bones – even traumatic brain injuries – to unsuspecting pedestrians. Property owners can’t prevent melt – but with Slick Shield a simple downspout extension and guard, they can now prevent hazardous refreeze.

Slick Shield | Risk Management Solutions

Simple Risk Management Solutions

Slick Shield, is a downspout extension and guard that attaches to defend against black ice formations on the pavement surrounding the spout. This downspout guard is a perfect risk management solution for your property.

Simply fill Slick Shield with salt pellets and let gravity do the work. The brine that streams out has a much lower freezing temperature, protecting the surface from black ice formation. The easy-open lid makes refilling quick and uncomplicated. When winter is over, simply remove and store it for next year.

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Slick Shield Water Flow, Downspout Extension


Snow on rooftops and canopies melts and flows into the gutter system.

At the end of the downspout, water drains into an attached Slick Shield unit which is a downspout filter.

The water moves back and forth through the salt-filled baffles to create a brine with a freezing point of approximately 5° F.

The brine streams onto pavement preventing the formation of ice when temperatures drop.

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HMI is currently collecting requests and inquiries regarding future mass production and sale of the Slick Shield. Contact HMI for ordering information. Slick Shield All Angles