Slick Shield Review

To Whom it Concerns:

My name is Marshall Petersen and I am President of Hawkeye Oil Company. Hawkeye Oil Company has been in business for over 60 years and I have been in the industry for 18 years. Among other business ventures, Hawkeye currently owns and operates ten (10) convenience stores in eastern Iowa.

Darin Luneckas introduced the Slick Shield to me in January of 2012. I was already well aware of the challenges of dealing with downspout icing at our convenience stores. The real problem areas tend to be around our fuel dispensers and the cat walks that surround the buildings. I decided to allow Mr. Luneckas to test out his prototypes at two of my Cedar Rapids stores.

I have since seen the Slick Shield at my properties and have also viewed video footage of it working quite well at my Hiawatha store. While the 2012 winter was mild, Slick Shield effectively used salt to create a solution that won’t freeze at times when other spouts at the same store showed downspout icing on the concrete.

Personally, I found the units to be low profile and unobtrusive and they didn’t create a tripping hazard for my customers. During the 2 month trial period, my office did not receive a single complaint about the device from my staff or my customers. Also, the pavement around the Slick Shield did not appear any worse for wear at the conclusion of the testing period.

I believe that the Slick Shield is a product that could greatly help us to lesson or eliminate ice slicks on our concrete. By doing that, my customers and my staff will be better protected from slip and fall injuries which is very important to me. If the Slick Shield becomes available for commercial use in the near future, I would welcome the chance to make it a part of my company’s strategy to control preventable slip and fall injuries due to ice.


Marshall C Petersen, President of Hawkeye Oil Company


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