Slick Shield Review

The insurance industry is continuously identifying, analyzing and looking for ideas to minimize risk as a means to efficiently and effectively manage our operations and reduce claims. We also want to ensure that our clients are provided added value and are able to reduce claims with the elimination of identified risks. Our customers do the same in their search to reduce risks in order to enhance their clients and worker’s safety, reduce out-of-pocket expenses, and to protect against damages or injuries of employees or visitors.

Slip and fall incidents are the #1 cause of accidents at hotels, restaurants and public buildings, the #2 leading cause of injuries in the U.S. (behind auto accidents), and the #2 cause of Workers Compensation and liability claims. The cost associated with these injuries and subsequent claims can be significant.

I have viewed the product design, the product itself, and inspected it on site where it has been placed in use, and as Vice President and Chief Claims Officer of United Fire Group I would recommend for use the Slick Shield for any business where the need exists to reduce ice buildup from downspout runoff. The risk tied to this type of hazard, and the associated exposure costs for injuries that do occur, far outweighs the reasonable cost of the product.

David E. Conner, MBA, CPCU Vice President & Chief Claims Officer United Fire Group, Inc


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